During Our Time On The Planet
Let's Make The World Smile, Think, Believe...

In the early months of 2020,
Earth's inhabitants began to deal with a novel coronavirus
that trapped much of the world indoors.
The concept of a "time capsule" website was born at that time...
a place to gather stories and art about what helps us cope
during divided and deadly times.

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"We had about 400...howlers
the first night (April 1st). We
had nearly 1,000 the next.
After that...the numbers in the
group grew so quickly....

Ever wanted to race a motorbike and make sweet pickles from your granny's recipe?
The Need for Speed & Sweet Pickles

Missoula Student Stephen Clement Sings Godspell - Share from his mom for Time On The Planet

Out of the ruins and rubble,
out of the smog,
out of our night of struggle
can we see a ray of hope?
One pale thin ray reaching...


.....IT'S ABOUT TIME.....

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Share your time with us.
We'd love to know what you do (create)
that brings you peace and clarity.

Me, I often doodle.


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